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Music for the Heart-Daily programming

Christian Talk That Rocks Wed. 4:06-6pm ET, 3:06-5pm CT,  
http://christiantalkthatrocks.net or http://christiantalkthatrocks.com

Weekend 22 Countdown, Sat. 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET; Sun. 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET

The Worship 25 Countdown, Sat. & Sun. 12-2 pm CT, 1-3 pm ET theworship25.com

​​Christian Rock 20, 8-10 pm CT Sat., 8-10 pm Sun.

The Reconstruction, 10-11 pm CT Sat.

​​Z-Rock Radio, Sat. 11 pm CT, 12 am ET

Praise for the Heart, Sun. 11 am-6 pm CT, 12-7 pm ET

Jam The Hype, 10 pm CT, 11 pm ET​​
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